Just the hem

Just the hem When life is beyond my control… did I ever have control anyway? When I’m at the end of my tether… When my weakness is now all I... Read More

The Tragedy of Hell

The Tragedy of Hell The Tragedy of Hell Some may think when they hear about the Putin’s and Saville’s and other people who have commit heinous crimes against disabled children... Read More

Can You Train a Pigeon?

Can You Train a Pigeon? As I sit at my desk, glancing out the window… … I am struck by the beautiful view that has been my view since we... Read More

Moses’ 11th Hour God

Moses’ 11th Hour God Over the years, we have seen some struggles. Many. In speaking with a dear friend, who is going through a very difficult situation, I shared these... Read More

That Faith

These are the days we read about in Daniel and Revelation... these are the days we will need a faith like Elijah's...Read More

God’s Chosen People. But Why?

God’s Chosen People. But Why? Faith has been on my mind the past few days. The Israelites were God’s chosen people. They weren’t chosen for their great size. They weren’t... Read More

Designing Communication

Every day Every day I help people talk. I help them connect with their customers or audience. I translate, in fact. I translate their ideas or messages to a visual... Read More

Even Pain Has Purpose

Even Pain Has Purpose ‘Now as Jesus passed by, He saw a man who was blind from birth. And His disciples asked Him, saying, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or... Read More

A Many Coloured Coat

A Many Coloured Coat It is so easy to praise God for his Sovereignty when things are going well. “YES, You LORD are King of Kings and all my bills... Read More

I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry Hurt. I have seen people hurt one another a LOT over the years. I have seen hurt, be it intentional or accidental, divide families… churches… businesses… nations. I... Read More

Forgive Me

I have had requests to repost this blog post from families in the special needs/special needs adoption community.  I am struggling tonight to forgive someone. Someone that is close to us... Read More