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Name Parents United Logo Design Date 04 Sun 2017 Categories Branding Author lucille

Parents United Logo Design

We were selected to design the logo for Parents United for Russian Orphans. Parents United are parents concerned about the welfare of Russian orphans, particularly those whose adoptions were stopped by the 2012 ban.

In December 2012, the adoptions of more than 1,000 Russian children were stopped by the passage of a Russian law banning adoptions by US citizens -a law sometimes called the Dima Yakovlev law. Approximately 300 of these children had already spent days meeting and bonding with their prospective adoptive parents. The Russian Federation maintains that the law was passed because of the abuse and neglect of children who had previously been adopted to America and because of the way the American government handled these cases. However, many people, including Russian citizens, believe that the law was passed in response to the Magnitsky Act which was signed by the American government in early December 2012 and sanctions Russian officials suspected of human rights abuses. In January 2013, approximately 20,000 Russian citizens took to the streets to protest the law which they refer to as Herod’s Law.