It’s a little surreal to even say it, Poppies Blooming is coming up to our tenth anniversary! It has been my ‘second job’ for nearly as long as I have been working for Reece’s Rainbow as their Director of Design and Marketing.

I have studied music along with art and design since I was a young child which is what led my choices at university but in the past ten years, I’ve taken more studies to hone my skills writing code and hopefully that has translated to better websites and allowed the ideas in my head to be realised online.

Last year was Reece’s Rainbow’s tenth anniversary, and technically it was also Poppies (doing design and having the original website), however, I chose to wait till the year of actually setting up as an official sole trader in the UK to celebrate.

That brings us to this year! I’m excited to share more client work and ideas for people. There is the hope that I find the time to do that! There is an old saying, ‘the cobblers’ son has no shoes’ and I embody that in that I tend to work every moment of every day that I have available on everything but my own business.

In honour of our tenth year, I’ve entirely rebranded Poppies Blooming. It is now poppiesblooming.design (though .com is still very much here) and our new logo has been put on everything and anything it can be. That may mean more to some than it does to me. I had business cards and flyers made and have official letterhead for I think the first time ever.

I’m excited in the coming weeks to share some things from the past as well as some ideas for the future. I have secured some new and exciting both affordable and high quality printing options for customers worldwide.

Please join our mailing list to keep up with Poppies Blooming! We look forward to helping you with your new website, event or even total rebrand! Let your next project be our next project!

Check back for news of some of the fun things (including some brilliant give-aways!) planned to celebrate Ten Years of Poppies Blooming!

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