Welcome to our new Guardian Angels! Nine children were chosen by warriors in the month of January! 

If you would like information on how YOU can be a Guardian Angel for a child on Reece’s Rainbow, please visit the Warrior Program or email Kasey@reecesrainbow.org.

Harlynn, Cedric, Marjorie, Nicolette and Oksana, Cassandra, Zachary, and Fabian will all now be advocated for by their new warriors until they are each safely home in the loving arms of families. Birdie has been blessed by a second advocate who will be co-warrioring for her!

St. Patrick’s Day Ten Frame Activity

Can you believe it’s already February? March will be here before we know it! This month we are featuring St. Patrick’s Day ten frame cards as a fun spring activity and fundraising idea by adoption advocate and Guardian Angel to Evan and Ethan, Ceri Hall. 

What are Ten Frames? 

Ten frames are cards that help increase counting and number sense, and many children enjoy this hands-on activity!  You can use anything for your counters, such as poker chips, homemade play dough, pom poms, cereal, and more.

For this St. Patrick’s Day theme, Ceri chose chocolate coins purchased in bulk from a party store. Just like the counters, the cards can be customized for any theme or holiday you would like.

What To Do

These fun counting cards are rising in popularity, and would do well as a fundraiser for a waiting child or family in process. Simply design your cards with a two-by-five grid with each card featuring images from zero to ten with the corresponding numeral at the top. Print on heavier weight paper or cardstock, and laminate. Then, provide counters of your choice. These sets are lightweight and will ship easily to your supporters!

There are many ways to use ten frames, so one way to add value to your fundraiser might be to include additional cards with instructions on how to play a few games or complete various activities. Ideas for this abound online. Ceri’s kids are still working on learning to count and recognize numerals, so they were content to just place counters on the shamrocks (and eat the chocolate, of course).

If you’re using chocolate coins like Ceri did, just make sure to buy a few extra in case your packing helpers decide to dig in…