We are so thankful and encouraged to say that SEVEN precious children were chosen by Guardian Angels during the month of December!

If you would like information on how YOU can be a Guardian Angel for a child on Reece’s Rainbow, please visit the Warrior Program or email Kasey@reecesrainbow.org.

Donnan, Gavyn, Birdie, Wolf, Lennon, Benson, and Jared will be loved from afar and advocated for by these fantastic, Reece’s Rainbow Warriors until they’re safe and happy at home.


Valentine’s Day is coming up and is a great opportunity for fundraising with some themed goodies to sell! There are many, food related items that come to mind when we consider the holiday, but today our very own Reece’s Rainbow, adoptive parent and Guardian Angel Warrior Coordinator, Kasey Perry, along with her gorgeous  daughter, Daisy (‘Wren’ on Reece’s Rainbow), wanted to demonstrate a fun, non-food related craft that could be made and sold for a donation to a grant for a child or family, “Valenslime”! They had a lot of fun “test-driving” this activity, and hope you enjoy it!

What You Need

To begin, we will need to gather some materials. For this slime recipe, you’ll need two bowls, Borax, clear Elmer’s glue, and some confetti and/or glitter of your choice.

        • 2 Bowls
        • Borax
        • Clear Elmer’s Glue
        • Confetti and/or glitter

What To Do

Begin by pouring 1/2 cup of water into each bowl.

In one bowl, add in 1/2 cup of the Elmer’s glue. Gently stir the glue into the water, and then add to the mixture your confetti and/or glitter to your preference.

In the second bowl, add 1/2 teaspoon of Borax powder to the water, and mix.

Slowly combine the Borax/water mixture to the glue/water/glitter mixture, stirring as you do. You’ll notice it will immediately begin to “clump.” You’ll definitely want to keep an eye on this, as Daisy found it a little suspicious. 😊

And there you have it! Slime! The color of your slime will vary depending on the colors and amounts of glitter and/or confetti you add. Daisy didn’t want much in her slime, so it was relatively clear, but a lot of fun!

We did, however, make another batch with big brothers, who liked more color 🙂

ValenSlime makes a great, non food treat for kids to enjoy! It could be kept in decorative, airtight containers and sold, with proceeds benefiting a waiting child or a family in process of adoption, on Reece’s Rainbow, or keep it for yourselves! It makes a great, sensory filled activity, and many kids enjoy poking and prodding it, even if they don’t want to pick it up, entirely. 😉

And just some cute photos of Daisy!