• GIVE CERTIFICATES MIRACLE MONEY: Give these to your children as stocking stuffers, include in Christmas cards for family or friends, give to your children’s friends/teachers/therapists from school. Give to your work colleagues and pastors and others from your church…anyone!

Give $20 or more for one child and receive a beautiful keepsake photo ornament of that child to hang on your tree.

Meet this year’s ornament! Share with your little ones, Rosie will take you with her on her journey to Christmas!

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To find a specific child, search using CTRL-F to find that child’s name on the page.
    • The goal of the Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign is to raise $1000 or more as an adoption grant for each waiting child listed below. Ornaments are only available for the children shown below.
    • Anyone can help the children by praying, posting to Facebook, Twitter, blogs,  and sharing with friends and family.
    • The more you are able to raise or give, the better that child’s chances are of finding a forever family as there is no shortage of families wishing to adopt these children. They are truly living on borrowed time.
    • Give $20 or more for one child and receive a keepsake photo ornament of that child to hang on your tree. $5 of the donation goes to help cover the cost of the ornaments and shipping. Please make sure you put the ornament in your basket.
  • Checks are welcome, and save us on Paypal fees.   
  • International donors welcome, we will mail your ornament(s) anywhere in the world.
  • If you have questions about blog buttons or other ways to share our Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign through social media, please contact Lucille.

This (below) will follow Rosie’s journey… which is to help all the kids reach their goal… so as the number of kids reach the different milestones, Rosie will travel along the bar. When all the kids reach their goal she has a little confetti party lol (this shows her having reached the goal for all the kids) and it can have smaller confetti when she reaches the other levels.


This artwork 👇🏻will be the Give Certificates page. Rosie will travel around to 'sell' those... as well as, help us get all the kids to their goal!

Rosie (short for Rozell) the Reindeer would love for you to join her on her journey!

She is travelling all around the world helping little ones prepare for Christmas! She is asking all the little boys and girls to help their parents choose which child on the Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign will receive their donation.

Once all the children are over their $1000 goal, she will rush off to meet with Rudolph and all of the other reindeer to help them with anything they need to make the journey around the world with Santa and his sleigh!

Go to Rosie’s Mercantile to purchase with a donation, a GIVE Certificate to include in Christmas stockings, Christmas cards or anywhere this holiday season! Give Certificates are wonderful, you make the donation and the recipient of the GIVE Certificate gets to choose which child on the ‘tree’ receives your donation!