Moses' 11th Hour God

Over the years, we have seen some struggles. Many.

In speaking with a dear friend, who is going through a very difficult situation, I shared these thoughts with her. I am sharing them, here as well, in case it would be of any help for others. 

Something to keep in mind… My child’s children’s devotional that we read in the morning talked about this… Well, it talked about Moses.

Moses and the Israelites were being literally chased by the Egyptians. They were going to kill all of them that refused to go back to Egypt.

The place they crossed the Red Sea, that was a place they could not get out of, there was a parting between what is basically mountains so the only way out of that place would be to turn around and go back the same way they came, but the enemy was right there… so they were literally trapped.

BUT… God… the Red Sea parted so all of the Israelites were crossing on dry land, with a wall of the sea likely MUCH higher than they could even see past on either side… with the enemy following behind…

The Egyptians were ALSO crossing the sea in the same place… they were right on the heels of the Israelites… Once the Israelites were on the other side, but the enemy fully in the sea bed… God closed the sea and the Egyptians were swept away.

The point being, that God has, all through His Word, been an ‘11th Hour’ God… I’m not sure there was ever much more of an 11th hour than this, they were on their heels in the same sea bed they were and likely gaining on them fast, being a trained army versus all.the.families.and.children.

THAT is when God rescued them, when the enemy was nearly able to reach out and touch them… and when they were so far in, that the enemy all perished when the sea walls fell back into the sea…

•  If Moses had not heard God tell him how to ‘part the sea’…
•  If they hadn’t made that step in between the two HIGH WALLS of water…
•  If they had given up and turned around…
•  If they were not trapped….
•  If the enemy were too far behind…

They would not have been saved and their enemies would not have been destroyed. (God’s timing… always perfect)

So… when you feel like you have lost your struggle… just think of Moses and the parting of the Red Sea…

Does this mean that things will all work out the way you want? I don’t know. I have faith and trust God that if something is His plan, then 100% absolutely.

I pray and CLING to Jesus because no matter what, I want to be with HIM.

Because deliverance from the enemy only comes through faith in God through Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

“The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.”
Exodus 14.14
“Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the Lord drove the sea back by a strong east wind all night and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.”
Exodus 14.21

The entire chapter of Exodus 14 is worth the read…

When He's Four Days Late He's Still On Time!

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