That Faith

That Faith…

These are the days we read about in Daniel and Revelation… these are the days we will need a faith like Elijah’s…

 Imagine having faith like Elijah.

Watching all 450 magicians/’prophets’ of baal FAIL 

trying to get their ‘gods’ to set their altars alight… 

Then, building his altar using 12 stones,  

DRENCHING it three times with water and 

saying ‘ok NOW, LORD’ …. 

I want the kind of faith that doesn't even blink

I want the kind of faith that doesn’t even blink during

those seconds before that ALL.CONSUMING.FIRE

reaches down from Heaven and burns to dust, 

not only his altar but the stones and 

all the water in the trench around it… 

THAT faith. I want that.

Only Trust Him

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