The Day I Googled... the Flowbee

I saw a post on Facebook. Facebook. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. It apparently loves me and I hate it. But then, I also don’t hate it because of what it has done for our children needing families. So… there is some love in the midst of that hate.

I digress. Quite a lot, actually. But anyway…

This post I saw on Facebook was a photo of a Flowbee from, I don’t know, 1979? A girl I think using it for her hair. I thought it was funny, and moved on.

Funny how sometimes when you think you have moved on, you will re-visit that from which you previously thought you had…moved on.

So, I was looking for hair clippers on eBay and saw some attachments for a Flowbee. Well, I decided I needed to find out just what one of these things … is/does? So, I googled it.

I found a video of a young man talking about the Flowbee and even having his youth pastor giving him a hair cut with it… because this thing connects to your vacuum and you cut your hair with it using the vacuum. The man who thought this up was both a genius and a total nut job.

Photo used with absolutely no permission so go buy a flowbee so he won’t sue me.
I mean no disrespect, but to be sitting at home one day in 1974 (giving him a few years to draw up the idea and find someone to make it for him before selling it), I am guessing he was just finished cutting his hair and was cleaning it up with his vacuum. To suddenly think… ‘aha! I can use the vacuum to CUT my hair saving me the time of having to clean up the hair after it is cut!’

That, friends, is a man with an urgent need to save time and a pretty strong hate for having to tidy up after himself. Two important elements of… invention.Now, I have no clear idea of how it works. I’m just assuming vacuum… high force suction of hair into the hoseand knives. The photo of the inventor with his Flowbee sheds no light on that theory either. In fact, I have yet more questions after seeing that.

The price seems a little bit high to me. But then it should give hundreds of free hair cuts so there is that to be considered in the price.

Some questions to ask…

How many haircuts can one expect to get with the Flowbee?

Hundreds, providing you use their oil on the blades.
“The results are a refreshing vacuum haircut.”

Refreshing. That’s the word I was looking for…

Will it work with your vacuum?

If you are in the 90%, then yes. That would be 90% of hose type vacuum owners. The other 10% are welcome to buy their mini-vac.

How will I know how to use the Flowbee?

Good news! It comes with a DVD! If it came with a pizza it would be the perfect date…dinner & a show…

Can children use it?

That depends on if you want your cat/dog/fish to have a haircut. You can use it on a child, though. So long as the child isn’t terrified of the vacuum and knives near his head.

Happy child being ‘Flowbeed’ in 1984

Are the blades replaceable?

No. They need to make more money than that so you should purchase another one after 7 years or 700 haircuts.

Where can I read heartwarming testimonials about the Flowbee?

On their website … where you can also purchase one.


So, would I recommend purchasing a Flowbee?

It does seem like it could save you a little dosh over the years but really? It could never replace…


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